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Message from the Head of Department

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Department of Economics.

Economics is a field with which we are all intimately or distantly intertwined throughout our lives. Consequently, economists are active and play an important role in all fields. Recently, both the world economy and Turkey have been affected by globalization, technological changes, epidemics, and wars. It is the job of economists to understand and analyze the requirements of the impact of these factors and develop policies that guide society.

Our goal as TED University Department of Economics is to provide you with the necessary theoretical knowledge and economic analysis tools to discuss issues of increasing importance in today's world such as the environment, global problems, economic growth, inflation, technological changes, and to guide you in research.

In addition to the required courses that teach you the fundamentals of economics, during your time at TED University you can prepare for work life with electives that you prefer based on your interests and career plans. We offer many alternative ways for you to learn about data analysis techniques, which are in high demand in the field of economics. Through the use of active learning methods such as teamwork and project-based learning, we help you gain the fundamental skills you need in work life.

You can find detailed information about our department on our website.


Nazire Nergiz Dincer